Privacy policy


The T-DOSE Foundation strives to promote the use and knowledge about Open Source software. By organising a yearly event called T-DOSE (Technical Dutch Open Source Event) the foundation hopes to give Open Source communities a platform on which they can interact among each other and present themselves to their user base. In the Netherlands, a foundation is known as "Stichting".

Data collection

No data is collected or shared other than required by law for the sole purpose of running a foundation. A third party handles the foundation's financial administration.

T-DOSE Website

No personal data is or will ever be collected when visiting this website.

If a user submits content for the purpose of giving a presentation during one of T-DOSE's public events, then this content may be made publicly available on the website. The user can contact us to modify this content.

The foundation is run by and with help of people who volunteer their time. On the foundation page of the website they may share personal information in the form of a biography. It is always possible to modify or request removal of this information.


When visiting one of the T-DOSE websites a cookie can be used to aid in navigation and for no other purpose what so ever.


The T-DOSE websites run on a server that logs information, including IP addresses. The logging is not linked to any other information and will be kept for a maximum period of three months.